TEAM: Teach Educate Assist Mentor

All services provided by the Rita R. Church Foundation is based on the TEAM program. The TEAM program services are based on these entities:

Young Children

Developing our young children is an investment in the individual, the family and the community. The first step to responsible adulthood comes from the early fostering of values and a commitment to developing an enriched, supported, respected, educated and civil individual. A responsible community nurtures, supports and expands its youngest members.

Youth and Teens

As the children in a community grow and develop their needs for resources change. In order to reach their full potentials, before school, after school, weekend and summer enrichment programs improve the quality of these lives. Education, skills and values-based programs that expand and develop our youth and teens provide building blocks for healthy and responsible adulthood and community stewardship.


When individuals feel a sense of community and invest in their community, the result is a higher quality of life within the community. By providing supportive services for social gathering, life enrichment, stabilization, health and wellness, education, employment and crisis management.

Health and Wellness

Health promotion and wellness education improves and supports communities. By acquiring information and skills for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and health practices, the state of health for individuals and the community is enhanced. Strong communities are healthy communities.

Life Enrichment

By offering high quality programs that strengthen and enrich members of a community, individuals grow, community is fortified, personal dignity is validated, civility is cultivated, hope is restored, education is advanced and full potential is realized. Life enrichment is the backbone to civil, healthy, and respectful community membership.