Our five petals of education and literacy programs support and defined the initiatives of TEACH EDUCATE ASSIST MENTOR, Inc. Each program includes multiple components to address reading and writing comprehensive skills. The educational literacy programs will address the needs of all age groups through educational, enrichment, and supportive services.  These programs serve individuals and families in the community.  The Teach Educate Assist Mentor literacy programs will invest in future generations, and enhance the overall well being of the entire community.

Leadership Programs
Enlightenment Speakers Bureau
Cultivation Clubs
Through My Lens
AHE – Access Healthcare Education
WIN – Workforce Integration Network

Leadership Programs

These leadership programs are conducted after school throughout the school year; providing activities to build character, set meaningful and realistic goals, and develop transferable academic and social skills.

• The Climb the Cliff Leadership Program for teens incorporates the following:
Subject specific tutoring, individual and small group
Communication skills
Technology skills
Bullying prevention and civility
Career planning
Guest speakers and field trips
• The Thrive and Shine Leadership Program for elementary and middle school youth incorporates the following:
Subject specific tutoring, individual and small group
Social skills
Manners classes
Civility and bullying prevention
Guest speakers

Enlightenment Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau provides the community with educational speakers and information.

• Enlightenment Speakers Bureau
• Spoken Word
• Healthy Homes and Health Living Speakers

Cultivation Clubs

These educational and enrichment programs give community members, individuals, children, and families opportunities to enhance knowledge and improve their lives.

• After School Tutoring
• Summer Camp
• Seedlings (gardening and healthy eating club for kids)
• Domestic Violence Support
• Financial Management Assistance
• Cooking Classes/Demonstrations and Nutrition Education
• Computer Classes
• Parenting Classes

Through My Lens

These educational enrichment programs exist for children, teens, adults and for families to participate in together. Social and cognitive skills are supported, enhanced and developed.

• VASTP (video, animation, sound, text, photography)
• Art Classes
• Music Classes
• Photography/Videography
• Creative Writing/Poetry
• Game Tournaments

Access Healthcare Education – AHE

Health and wellness programs provide healthcare education, supportive health maintenance services through screening and referrals; brings resources and services to the community; provides holiday food supplies to those in need.

• Quality of Life Pantry
• Community Health Fair
• Health Referrals
• Senior Expo

Workforce Integration Network – WIN

The WIN Programs provide job readiness and workforce skill development, including a full service career center.

• Literacy/GED
• Veteran Reintegration
• Immigrant Referrals and Services
• Career Center
Personal Job Coaching
Resume Writing/Review
On-line Application Assistance
Criminal Expungement assistance
Mock Interviews
• Work to Learn: Experiential Job Training
• College Admission 101
• Social and Communication Skills
• Road to Success: Career Planning
• Wardrobe for Work